From essays to board games: BIC Leadership Council unites professors, students

Mari Sanchez, Frisco sophomore and external relations committee chair, serves on the BIC Leadership Council, which is a liaison between the BIC student body, faculty and alumni. Photo courtesy of Mari Sanchez

By Aliyah Binford | Reporter

The BIC Leadership Council is a combined student advisory group of 16 that serves as a liaison between the BIC student body, faculty and alumni. It is made up of three committees: external relations, academic and events.

The Leadership Council seeks to foster community by creating opportunities for all those who participate in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core to engage with one another — from bringing in alumni to speak about their career field, to hosting coffee hours with professors, to putting together board game nights for students.

Austin senior and academic committee chair Giuliana Hays-Angelelli said being a part of the Leadership Council has impacted her throughout her college career.

“The Leadership Council impacted me by really giving me some planning skills, which sounds funny,” Hays-Angelelli said. “I have always been good at planning things for myself, but it’s another thing to be able to plan events for other people. It allowed me to start thinking out of the box, made me good at communicating with professors I have never really met before, and altogether, it taught me really good networking skills.”

The events committee focuses on events for the students, game nights, BIC Bowl and different fun activities for those involved.

The external relations committee focuses on relations outside of the BIC by connecting students with alumni and giving them an opportunity to meet with those who have left Baylor after completing a BIC education.

The academic committee focuses on connecting students and professors by planning events that allow them to meet in a different environment.

Frisco sophomore and external relations committee chair Mari Sanchez said the Leadership Council works as one to bring students and faculty together.

“On the BIC Leadership Council, I get the privilege to work with a group of servant leaders that all share the same goal of growing friendships among students and faculty of the BIC while giving the students a space where they feel they truly belong,” Sanchez said. “BICLC has shown me the beauty of getting to know and serve others by doing our part to create a community of connection.”

Each committee works in unison to serve the BIC, its students and its faculty in the best way possible and to leave a legacy of learning and friendships.

“My favorite part about the Leadership Council is I have been on it since my freshman year … I have been able to see the BIC’s mission throughout the years stay the same, and being able to see that through graduating classes and incoming classes has been great,” Hays-Angelelli said.

Assistant director of student and alumni initiatives Adam Moore said the Leadership Council has been helpful in providing a unique foundation for BIC faculty and students.

“The BIC Leadership Council makes many significant contributions to the BIC community,” Moore said. “Whether by planning fun events, creating opportunities to connect with BIC faculty outside the classroom or connecting current students and alumni, the BIC Leadership Council is a vital part of what makes BIC a unique and transformational community.”