Latin Dance Society is swinging back to campus

Photo courtesy of Baylor Latin Dance Society

By Mariah Bennett | Staff Writer

The Latin Dance Society is spinning back into activity, with calls for those interested in membership and leadership positions being posted on Instagram.

According to the Multicultural Affairs special interest webpage, the club is meant to encourage students to become involved in Latin culture, as well as to demonstrate styles of merengue, salsa and other Latin-influenced dances.

Isabella Arteaga — Springfield, Va., junior and Latinx Coalition intern in the Department of Multicultural Affairs — is involved in the reviving of the club.

“I wanted to make sure this is still an active organization,” Arteaga said. “Just from my knowledge from freshman year, I knew there were a good amount of people interested.”

Arteaga oversees all Hispanic and Latino organizations that fall under the Latinx Coalition. Arteaga said that in the past, Latin Dance Society has been one of them.

“Trying to revive the club has been my goal,” Arteaga said. “We’re hoping to get back to what they had previously — find someone who’s really passionate about these dances, has experience with multiple types.”

There were a few people who were interested after the Instagram post that called for members. Arteaga said that in the past, the club has had at least 30 interested members.

Latin Dance Society previously held meetings in Russell Gymnasium and was centered around multiple types of dance styles, such as bachata, cumbia and cha-cha.

Arteaga said she hopes to have an interest meeting for the club and is currently awaiting approval. The club aims to start next semester, and Arteaga said she hopes they will be able to have more of a presence on campus to show others what they can do.

“This year, we missed them at Latinx Night during Mosaic Week,” Arteaga said. “I really hope they’ll be able to come back and perform for that.”

Arteaga said the organization is a very fun, social way to share Latin culture.

“It’s a way to get active while exposing yourself to new things,” Arteaga said.

Chicago senior Alexander Garcia said he has known of Latin Dance Society since his first semester at Baylor and is excited to hear that the organization is becoming active again.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a lifelong skill, make new friends and delve deeper into a part of my culture,” Garcia said. “I’m definitely excited.”

Individuals can email or to express interest in the Latin Dance Society, for both membership and leadership positions.