We need weeklong break now, not at Thanksgiving

By Danielle Skinner | LTVN Anchor/Reporter

As the semester continues, I have noticed that fewer students are showing up to classes and more are feeling the challenges of late nights. I know I could use a break by this point of the semester with tests, assignments and all the exciting college activities. I am exhausted.

Luckily, fall break is arriving in just two weeks. But is it really considered a break when it is only an extra day off? I think I speak for most students when I say that we need a week off this semester, and we need one soon.

Now, one may argue that we do have a weeklong break this semester: Thanksgiving break, which is at the end of November. How helpful is that, though? We get a week off just to stress about finals and then have Christmas break two weeks later. I think the obvious conclusion is that fall break and Thanksgiving break need to switch.

Imagine that in the middle of October there was a nice long break. Students could utilize this time to catch up on homework and see their families — but mainly to reflect on the semester and take a break. The chance to unwind in times of stress allows people to relax and produce better work than they would have if they had not taken a break. Breaks are beneficial in more ways than people think.

This is also a great time for professors to have a break, because I know they have to be just as tired as we are. A weeklong break in October could help them catch up on grading and allow them to figure out a game plan for the rest of the semester. To me, this sounds like the most logical thing for the school to do.

The idea of reducing stress, increasing productivity is shown to be very accurate in many studies. A study from the University of South Carolina explained that rest isn’t idleness, and for anyone working day to day, a break enables them to digest material and keep their brains healthy and functioning well.

The semester is getting stressful, and there are many people suffering from the piles of work, tests and everything in between. Since there is no weeklong fall break, make sure you find time for yourself to relax and catch up on life.

Many students need stress management, so do not be afraid to ask for help. Also, you can tell if your friends are falling behind or can’t handle the stress of the school year. Help them out or tell them to find someone who can give them assistance. Many people struggle with stress and overloading themselves; I am that type of person. Finding a plan and resting while you can will help you in the long run.

As a very busy student in clubs and organizations, I feel like I could use a mental break at this point. That is why October should have a weeklong break; it’s in the middle of the semester, would work well for many people’s schedules and would benefit everyone.