Air Force Brigadier General visits Baylor’s Air Force ROTC

By Danika Young | Broadcast Reporter

Air Force Brigadier General Jennifer Short visited Baylor’s campus last Friday, to speak to Baylor’s Baseball team and Air Force ROTC detachment. Short spoke with each group individually to share her story and how she was able to achieve success in the United States Air Force and in her personal life.

Short says she felt it was important to speak with Baylor’s cadets and inform them of the possibilities with an Air Force career. Short said, “I wanted to get out here and talk to these young folks just to answer any questions they had, to give them a real perspective on things that are happening in the Air Force, what they can do in the Air Force, and opportunities that they have.”

At the end of her speech, she opened up the floor for a Q and A with the group of over 70 cadets giving them the opportunity to ask questions that they usually would not have the chance to ask a senior leader like her.

She spoke on the significance of being a female general and how she says he hopes to inspire and encourage younger women who are looking to follow in her footsteps. Short says she wants to ensure that women know they have an opportunity in the air force to be heard and to serve with excellence- just as men in the Air Force do.

Short said. “I want women to see me. And if that inspires them and makes them think, ‘Oh my gosh! She was an A-10 pilot, she’s married, and she’s got two wonderful kids and she manages to do that so maybe I can too.’ “

Short says she wants women to see her- a pilot in the United States Air force, married with two kids, and be inspired to follow their passions and know that balance is obtainable as a working woman, mom, and wife.

Brigadier General Short was invited by Baylor’s Baseball coach, Steve Rodrigues, whom she went to high school with to inspire the baseball team about leadership and teamwork. Short pointed out the similarities between the baseball team and the Air Force- the culture, discipline, and teamwork. Short says she wanted to inspire the team for a great season and win the Big 12.