After Dark lights up Family Weekend

The After Dark Talent Show features Baylor student talent. Ava Dunwoody | Editor-in-Chief

By Skylla Mumana | Reporter

Student Productions held its annual talent show, After Dark, in Waco Hall. Tickets to the event were $25, for showings at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Friday.

After Dark features auditioned acts from all levels of Baylor students, and takes place during Family Weekend. The hand-picked talent features different kinds of performances, such as dancing, stand-up comedy, solo musical performances, bands, trios and much more.

Bryan sophomore Elleanna Vines was a soloist in the After Dark lineup. Vines said she was excited to be a part of the show and to share her passion for songwriting.

“I write songs that I want to reach people,” Vines said. “I want to bring them messages of hope. I also want to let them know that they’re not alone in the stuff that does suck, the stuff that goes wrong.”

The Waco Hall production team and stage crew transformed the auditorium for the performance. Student workers and stagehands helped set the scene for each performance, whether that was wheeling in instruments and props or helping to set up audio. From renditions of popular songs such as “Sunday Best” by Surfaces, to fiery strumming on an acoustic guitar and classical ballet, the wide variety of acts and talent within the lineup captivated the audience.

Celina freshman Bobbie Oramalu said she had been practicing her song since she heard about After Dark by going to the Glennis McCrary Music Building everyday until she got it down. Oramalu said her faith greatly influences the way she practices and performs on stage.

“I believe that every opportunity we get to share our gifts and shine our light we should take it,” Oramalu said. “Our gifts are OK by themselves, but when we match them with our faith in God, that’s when the doors open.”

Student Productions is an extension of Campus Programs within the Department of Student Activities. Student Productions plans and coordinates annual productions on campus, such as Pigskin Revue, All-University Sing, Stompfest and After Dark.

Allen senior Kolbie Sherrell is a part of the organization and served as the student executive producer of After Dark. After taking on the position, Sherrell said After Dark seemed to get the smallest audience in comparison to other events Student Productions puts on. To combat this, Sherrell and her team partnered with the Baylor Chamber of Commerce and Taste of Waco for Family Weekend to sell tickets as a combo deal: dinner with a show. Due to this, they were able to sell out two shows in Waco Hall, which marks the first time ever in After Dark history.

After countless hours of work and effort, Sherrell said it was all worth it to see her peers shine.

“I think that this is what makes the show so different because it’s not a competition, it’s truly just about showcasing my peers’ talent,” Sherrell said. “I’m just glad that I have the platform to help them.”