Students dance the night away at Tacky Prom

Students attended Tacky Prom hosted by the Union Board as part of Staycation Weekend festivities. Photo by Baylor Photography.

By Tori Templet | Staff Writer

During the Staycation Weekend, Union Board hosted a Tacky Prom event filled with activities, competitions and dancing Saturday night in the Barfield Drawing Room.

Tacky Prom was the second Sundown Session of the semester run by the Union Board. Senior coordinator of Student Union events, Chinyere Stallworth, said she was extremely surprised the event turned out as great as it did.

“There are a lot of elements that you would not expect, but we managed to pull it all together,” Stallworth said. “We have a lot planned for the year, so to know that we actually pulled this off shows that the rest of what we have planned for this year is actually doable and possible. It makes me so excited for the rest of the Sundown Sessions.”

Graduate apprentice for Student Union, Shelby Hines, said now that this Sundown Session is completed, she feels more comfortable and confident about moving forward.

“For this semester, this event is probably one of our biggest ones,” Hines said. “There was a lot of hype and a lot of pressure, but it feels good to have it already done, knowing we can do the next one.”

Hines said seeing her team work together was one of her favorite moments of the event.

“The process of getting everything together was very stressful,” Hines said. “We have been leaning on our team a lot, but they have also been trusting us with new things. Knowing people care about this and want to see it succeed has been really special to me.”

It’s Hines’ and Stallworth’s first year serving with Union Board and working to brainstorm and put on events for Sundown Sessions. They said they were proud of pulling things together and seeing the event come to life.

While the dance floor was lively, there was a competition for Tacky Prom king and queen along with karaoke for students to sing their hearts out to their favorite songs from the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

Katy freshman Zoe Crouch said she came out to the event because she wanted to dance the night away and see all the fun outfits.

“The idea of just showing up in random attire and dancing the night away seemed so fun,” Crouch said. “The best part was getting to dance on the dance floor in front of everyone like no one was watching. It was just a really cool event, and I loved it.”