The Women’s Network launches chapter at Baylor

The largest women's networking organization in the nation opens a chapter on the Baylor campus. Photo courtesy of Jamie Vinick

By Mariah Bennett | Staff Writer

The Women’s Network, a national women’s networking organization nearing 150 chapters, has launched a chapter at Baylor. The new chapter’s Instagram, with almost 600 followers, describes the organization as “dedicated to redefining ambition” in its biography.

The Women’s Network was established in the fall of 2017 at Syracuse University by founder and president Jamie Vinick. According to Vinick, the new Baylor chapter started after the organization heard excitement from students about the potential creation of a TWN chapter on Baylor’s campus. This excitement, along with multiple factors, contributed to the network’s recent introduction to Baylor.

“We identified a need on campus and are really proud of the work that we’re doing,” Vinick said.

This work includes an Instagram page, @womensnetwork_baylor, which was formerly managed by Maggie Shien, a Carnegie Mellon University student and marketing intern at The Women’s Network. Over the summer, Shien designed Instagram posts and stories and worked with other interns to celebrate the new TWN chapter at Baylor.

“Overall, I just tried my best to reflect both the professional and the social aspects of The Women’s Network,” Shien said.

Shien spoke about her efforts to balance the page with content that reflected TWN’s brand and the female students of Baylor. This includes posts on LinkedIn tips, apps for college students and informational posts about national network missions.

According to the organization’s LinkedIn, the Women’s Network’s ultimate mission is to “create a community of women that celebrates the desire to achieve, cultivating ambition to prepare the next generation of leaders.”

This ultimate mission corresponds with Vinick’s statements on the vision for Baylor’s chapter: to increase not only chapter growth but also growth as a national organization.

“The vision is to build a powerhouse in the community where resources, connections, tools and insight will hopefully be able to be found,” Vinick said. “This is an organization that transcends beyond college years.”

Grapevine sophomore Jessica Apodaca-Burks spoke of her excitement for the organization’s recent launch on campus in a virtual interview.

“I’m really excited about what they’re bringing to our campus and to the women of this school, especially as someone who is … planning on becoming a physician’s assistant in a pretty male-dominated speciality,” Apodaca-Burks said.

Apodaca-Burks said she really enjoys having a support system in which the group can share its experiences.

That support system — which is currently the “largest, most engaging collegiate women’s network nationwide,” according to the organization’s website — has large goals not only nationally but also within its new chapter at Baylor.

“It’s hopefully an organization that Baylor women will be part of throughout their lives and careers,” Vinick said.