Baylor Ring savings plan discontinued as result of manufacturer’s decision

Students can no longer use a payment plan to save up for their Baylor ring. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Camille Cox | Staff Writer

The Baylor Ring savings program has now been discontinued because Balfour, the ring manufacturer, no longer accepts ring savings plans, according to a Baylor Alumni email sent out on Aug. 20. Any student previously enrolled in the program has received credit back into their student accounts and an email from Baylor Alumni explaining the discontinuation.

According to the Official Baylor Ring website, the Baylor Ring is a “tangible symbol of our university’s rich heritage” that connects students with the entire Baylor alumni community. After completing 75 hours of undergraduate credit, undergraduate students are eligible to apply and pay for their Baylor ring.

The Baylor Ring savings program allowed students to set aside $80 per semester toward their purchase, which they could then apply to the final balance when they ordered their ring. Beginning this fall, “students with ring savings plans will not see a savings plan installment on their fall tuition bill,” the Baylor Alumni email said.

Frisco sophomore Isabella Birge said she thinks there are ways Baylor could help prevent students from having to pay a large sum while ordering their ring.

“I think that the Baylor Ring plan should be included in tuition, because every student wants the ring,” Birge said. “It’s a big deal to get your ring.”

Seattle, Wash., senior Karlie Mullen ordered her ring without the Baylor Ring savings plan this past spring semester after fulfilling the requirements.

“I wish I had put a little bit of money aside each year so that I didn’t have to take a big hit before my senior year,” Mullen said.

Mullen said she thinks the ring should continue to not be included in yearly tuition, as some students may not wear the ring and view it as a waste of money.

The Official Baylor Ring Week will be held Sept. 21 through Oct. 1. Those looking to order their ring can try on different sizes and view style options during this time. For more information, visit the Baylor Alumni website.