10th Street marks the center for late night revelry after championship victory

After the Bears' historic win at the national championship on Monday night, students flooded the south end of 10th Street creating a late night for local law enforcement. Photo courtesy of Joshua McSwain

By Vivian Roach | Desk Editor

The south end of 10th Street flooded with people celebrating the national championship win Monday night as the Waco police department and the fire department supervised the masses from afar.

Waco police officer Garen Bynum said the fire department was out all night dealing with couch fires but that they really were just there for safety purposes.

“It was more about controlling the mass at that point, just trying to make sure that everybody was able to celebrate but able to be safe while they’re doing it,” Bynum said.

The celebration was kept under control for the most part, Bynum said. He said he wasn’t aware of any medical calls that went out and that the biggest problem was bottles being thrown towards police cars.

“At one point, there were individuals throwing bottles at our police cars and when that kind of thing started happening, we backed off a little bit to keep our officers safe,” Bynum said. “It wasn’t a riot, it was just a celebration. We understood this and kind of backed out for that purpose. That would’ve been the biggest problem, you know it only takes one or two to ruin a situation.”

Instagram accounts @oldrowbaylor and @barstool_sicem posted videos and pictures from in the crowds of people jumping off roofs, couch fires and firework displays for the big win. As for the roof jumps, though not illegal, Bynum said he didn’t see any but had seen it in the past.

Bynum said the police expected some celebration in the streets would be taking place.

“We figured it was somewhat limited because it was a Monday night, but at the end of the day, it’s still a national championship so we understand the celebrations that come with that,” Bynum said.

Because events like Dia Del Oso and spring break were canceled due to COVID-19 this year, Castle Pines, Colo., senior Sarah Asinof said she went out after the game and felt like the festivities were very much called for.

“Honestly, I know it looked really crazy from the outside perspective, but as a senior, about to graduate, it was one of my favorite celebrations,” Asinof said. “Especially given COVID and all the other events canceled this semester and not being able to do anything.”