All in the family: Baylor softball’s sibling duo

By Nate Smith | LTVN Sports Director

The sports world has no shortage of sibling pairings who dominate their sport, like the Manning brothers or the Williams sisters. As it turns out, Baylor softball has a sibling duo of their own in Campbell Selman and Kelsee Selman-Rowe.

If you’ve been following Baylor softball for a while, their names probably sound familiar. That’s because Kelsee, the older of the two, pitched on the 2017 team that made Baylor’s most recent Women’s College World Series run. Now that Kelsee’s pitching days are behind her she acts as a support system for younger sister Campbell.

“There’s nothing but love between us,” Said Campbell. “If ever I have any doubts of myself while playing softball I’ll call her and she just calms me down and motivates me to keep working.”

While it may sound easy, following in your older sister’s footsteps has its own set of fears and doubts that come with it.

“That’s definitely crossed my mind,” Said Campbell. “Just like, the fear of people saying that I only got my spot here on the team because of my sister. But I knew that it would help me push myself to prove myself.”

The Selman’s are not the first pair of sisters to play softball for Baylor, and they probably will not be the last. However, the pair have had an impact on Baylor softball that is bigger than what they do on the diamond.

“Their family is what I feel like we strive for Baylor softball to be,” Said Associate Head Coach Britni Newman. “A tight knit group that takes care of each other and kinda defines the word family. That’s definitely the Selman family right there.”