Teen in critical condition after park shooting

By Camille Rasor | News Editor, George Schroeder | Broadcast Reporter

Around 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, an 18-year-old was shot at Council Acres Park, located on the corner of 15th Street and Bagby Avenue.

According to police and witnesses on the scene, a group of people were playing basketball when a car arrived at the park.

“From what we know so far … a car pulled up. Four people got out of that car, and probably within 30 seconds of that car pulling up, one of the occupants of that car was shot twice, it appears,” Commander Steve Mosley of the Waco Police Department said.

Curtis Johnson was at the park when the shooting occurred.

“We were out here playing basketball and some dude pulled up triggered, and shots let out,” Johnson said. “He got shot, and now the police are here.”

Later on Thursday evening, police searched a red Honda parked at the Texaco gas station on the corner of 12th Street and La Salle Avenue. A police officer said the car being searched was related to the shooting that happened earlier in the evening, but no other information could be made available at the time.

The victim’s name is unknown at this time, though police at the gas station said he is in critical condition at Baylor Scott & White – Hillcrest hospital. Mosley said the victim was responsive when he was loaded into the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

There are lots of students who live in the residential area that surrounds the park. Cameron Pino, who graduated from Baylor in December, was in his apartment when the shooting happened.

“My roommate and I, we were just sitting in the living room,” Pino said. “We didn’t really see anything happen. We just heard probably seven or eight shots.”

Austin senior Parker Bond was in the same apartment complex when the shots sounded.

“I heard 8 shots go off, and then I saw a car skirt around the corner,” Bond said.