Common grounds donation allows student to appreciate “the little things”

George Schroeder | Broadcast Reporter

Monday morning San Antonio Senior Julianna Comstock, an off-campus resident, woke up along with no power due to the winter storm sweeping through Waco.

Comstock and her roommates decided to take a walk to campus that morning in order to warm up, but also to see what was going on outside. When they got on campus, they decided to see if the student union building was open.

“We were freezing and we couldn’t boil water at our house, like nothing at our house was working or on, and the SUB was open, which was such a blessing” Comstock said.

Along with the student union building, the Common Grounds inside was also open. Before Comstock arrived, an anonymous donor had donated enough to cover over 400 drinks for any students who came

“In the moment, I was just like wow,” Comstock said, “and I think it was just a really sweet moment of a way that Baylor really does care for their students.”

Comstock said she felt relief walking into the SUB and finding a business that was open, and said she was grateful for not only free drinks, but also for Baylor’s kindness opening the Student Life Center and Library for students during the harsh weather.

The student union building was closed Wednesday due to a water line break and will remain closed until further notice.