We should think long and hard about what our favorite color is

By Rachel Royster | Staff Writer

How many times have you been asked what your favorite color is? And how many of those times has your answer been so boring that the conversation ends up with you and whoever asked you just staring awkwardly at each other? Yeah. Every single time. Well I say it’s about time you figure your life out and make yourself interesting for once.

You heard me. Have a favorite color that’s worth hearing about, not the same old boring answer of “blue.” You know what that tells people about you? You’re the exact same as every other person on earth that likes when the sky isn’t gloomy. Wow. Interesting.

Say you’re one of the few people that say light blue instead of just blue. Congrats, you made yourself one degree more intriguing than the next average joe. But I still don’t care. And neither will the person who asked. They only asked you for your favorite color to fill the silence and try to get to know you, and you’re failing them.

You know what happens when you actually put effort into your favorite color? BOOM. You make an impression in that person’s mind. Congratulations. Now y’all get to have a deeper, more meaningful conversation that will last longer than a nanosecond.

For example, if someone says their favorite color is “dark dark light blue with a touch of love,” wouldn’t you be pulled in and ask them what that means? Not only will y’all get to talk about exactly what kind of blue that is, but then you’ll start a whole new conversation about where you came up with that answer and what prompted you to do so.

Along the way, there must be something within that explanation that prompts the other person to share something about themselves too. Now not only do y’all have a funny story on how y’all first met, but now you’re getting to know them better, making plans to meet in the future and now you’re best friends. You’re welcome. All of this because you took a couple extra minutes to decide what you want your favorite color to be.

Deciding is the fun part too. First, you need to figure out what kind of impression you want to make. There are plenty of quizzes online that tell you what each color says about you. Like this one. Or this one. Or, if you’re feeling crazy, this one.

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite color, now how do you want to describe it? (This is crucial to the whole not being boring thing.) You can do one of many things. You can go to a color wheel and find the exact shade you like most, take a picture of it and favorite it in your photos. Then, whenever someone asks, you can show them the exact color, and they’ll be impressed at how prepared you are. Or, you could come up with adjectives that perfectly describe your color, reflecting your personality.

Next time you’re sitting in your dorm doing nothing with your life, take some time to figure out what your favorite color is. Let’s start a revolution, one favorite color at a time.