Sports Take: Tom Brady is the GOAT

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady reacts after winning the NFC championship NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay, Wis., Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021. The Buccaneers defeated the Packers 31-26 to advance to the Super Bowl. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)

By Will Chamblee | Sports Writer

Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all-time. With the win Sunday afternoon over the Packers, Brady secured a spot in his 10th Super Bowl, the most Super Bowl appearances by any player.

It’s a staggering stat. To put it into perspective, Brady has been in 18% of all Super Bowls and has more Super Bowl appearances than EVERY franchise in the NFL, save the New England Patriots.

Success in football is measured by winning, and while Brady’s status as the most talented quarterback of all-time can be debated, his status as the greatest winner of all-time cannot.

Brady has 230 career wins and six Super Bowl championships to his name, both the most for any single player in the NFL. Brady has also won and played in more NFL playoff games than any player in NFL history. Simply put, Brady’s stretch of dominance has never been seen before and is unlikely to be seen again.

Brady’s statistics as a quarterback aren’t something to scoff at either. Brady has thrown the most touchdowns of all-time, tossing 581 touchdowns in his career. He is also second in passing yards all-time with 79,204 yards.

But perhaps Brady’s greatest asset, beyond his elite arm talent and quick decision making, is his leadership ability. Stories of Brady’s leadership are numerous and widespread, but perhaps the most telling praise comes from legendary coach Bill Belichick, who is notoriously soft-spoken.

“I think that Tom has been a great leader for this football team this year and every year,” Belichick said in 2005. “He brings so much to our football team and all of the things that he does: his preparation, his work ethic, his toughness, his ability to lead this team and lead the offense. He’s an outstanding quarterback. I’m glad he’s our quarterback.”

Belichick isn’t known for profusely praising players, but he has constantly made an exception for Brady.

“There’s no quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady,” Belichick said in 2011. “He’s the best.”

Brady’s teammates have concurred with Belichick citing how he constantly seeks to connect with everyone on the team, from the starters to the practice-squad players.

“He’s a great leader on our team and he shows it by what he does when he walks in the locker room, interacting with everybody and trying to get to know everybody personally,” Patriots defensive tackle Lawrence Guy said regarding Brady.

Brady’s ability to impact the game beyond his play at quarterback, by leading and inspiring his team, is part of what makes him the greatest player to ever step foot on a football field.

Brady leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl only confirms what we’ve known for years now.

From leading the game-winning drive against the Rams in 2001 to win his first Super Bowl to leading the largest comeback in Super Bowl history in 2017 against the Falcons, Brady has time and time against proven himself as the most clutch, most driven and greatest player in NFL history.