Palmer claims seat in District 4 city council

Kelly Palmer, after running against two other candidates, claimed victory and will soon represent Waco’s fourth district on the Waco city council. Photo courtesy of Kelly Palmer

By Shea Berthelot | Contributor

The District 4 City Council seat was won by Kelly Palmer with 46.88% of the votes.

Palmer had an intimate gathering to watch the results and celebrate her victory.

Three candidates vied to represent District 4 as opposed to the two candidates running for every other city council seat. Because there were three candidates instead of two, the race went to the candidate with the majority of the votes rather than 51% of the votes.

Other candidates who hoped to claim the city council District 4 seat are Rick Allen and Darius Ewing. These candidates were previously interviewed about their policies and experience. Allen was a former District Four city councilman, Ewing is the incumbent councilman and Palmer is a part-time lecturer at Baylor University.

There has been a hard-fought campaign over the past few months between the three candidates in the District 4 city council elections. Due to COVID-19, the city council seats were set to be voted upon in May, but voting was moved to Nov. 3, the same day as the general election. With limited in-person campaign events and opportunities to meet voters in their district, the candidates have had to overcome an unprecedented amount of challenges this year.