Bipartisan blessing: Students gather to pray as Election Day fast approaches

Baylor students prayed on campus for the troubles the nation is going through this election season. Photo Illustration by Brittney Matthews | Photo Editor

By Megan Lockhart | Reporter

Students gathered on Burleson Quadrangle to pray for the nation during election season Tuesday as part of the Season of Prayer event put on by Baylor Spiritual Life.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, weekly organized prayer meetings from noon to 12:15 p.m. at Burleson Quad seek to encourage the community to pray for the nation and the community.

“I want to encourage you to walk prayerfully and mindfully in these days … specifically over the next two weeks as we walk through a very challenging election,” University Chaplain Dr. Burt Burleson said. “As young adults you are living in unprecedented times and times where our Christ-like engagement with one another and the issues we face is so, so needed.”

Students first prayed together for the nation and the government leaders. They prayed for the election, COVID-19, and the fires and storms that hit this year and the people and families that have been affected.

“I believe prayer is very important and powerful during this election because this year there is a lot of uncertainty. We all need something that is certain, which is our faith. Prayer gives the foundation we need to trust God with the country’s decision making,” Manor senior Stephanie Rodriguez said.

The students then prayed for the Baylor community, that the university would stay strong and united and that students would have courage during the stress of elections.

“I think both the Baylor and the Waco community really need to be prayed for during this time because this election has been really difficult for people,” Houston senior Ricardo Salinas said. “Regardless of your political party, we need to pray for students and also the people of the city as they go out and make decisions because every vote counts.”

Season of Prayer will hold its final meeting next week on Election Day at noon. Baylor Spiritual Life has provided a prayer guide to encourage the Baylor community to pray in groups as well as individually during this time.

“You are needed. Your goodness, your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your courage — you are needed, and certainly your prayers are needed. I hope you’ll trust that in these days that your presence and your praying matters,” Burleson said.