“Dream Team” drives forward as crucial part of women’s basketball success

The 'Dream Team' are made up of a group of young men who play against the Baylor women's basketball team during practice to prepare the Lady Bears for the season. The idea for the team originated from head coach Kim Mulkey. Photo courtesy of Parker Rodman

By Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

The Dream Team is hitting the practice court once again as a “crucial” part to the success of the Baylor women’s basketball team.

This team is unlike any other in Baylor athletics. It consists of all male students who practice each week against the Lady Bears, providing constant tough competition. The idea of this unique team originated from head coach Kim Mulkey when she first started as the women’s head coach almost 21 years ago.

The team is a great way for students to still play the game who might not be ready to give up their basketball career once graduating from high school.

Coppell senior Parker Rodman decided to tryout for the Dream Team since basketball was such an “integral” part of his life growing up.

“Although I had no opportunities to play at the next level coming out of high school, I saw Dream Team as the next best thing at the school I’ve been wanting to go to all my life,” Rodman said. “I viewed it as an opportunity to continue growing my skills in a basketball context, as well as an opportunity to meet like-minded guys.”

It’s more than a passion for the game. Rodman said the team brings together close friendships among the players.

“The relationships formed through Dream Team have been the greatest blessing that has come from it,” Rodman said. “Practicing with fellow [Dream Team] members really grows a unique bond and allows for friendships to form.”

The Dream Team gets an excellent behind the scenes look at what goes into being one of the nation’s top women’s basketball program. Male students are strongly encouraged to try out for each season.

“Overall, I would recommend Dream Team to anyone with a passion for basketball who is seeking to provide value to a team in a selfless way,” Rodman said.