Biggest career event this fall has arrived

BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

Career day this year is virtual and invitation only. Students who attend must first register on the Handshake website and will then be redirected to CareerEco to set up a profile. This is the biggest event on campus for job searchers this fall, with nearly 150 employers looking to hire Baylor students for internships and career opportunities.

Amy Rylander, Assistant Director of Engagement for the Baylor Career Center, has sent emails campuswide weekly, alerting students about this opportunity and why this is so important.

“Students need to understand this is an opportunity they don’t want to miss,” Rylander said. “They should just come anytime between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday.”

While students wait to speak with an employer, they will start out with a text conversation. Rylander advises students to use this time to elevator pitch and introduce themselves.

“Once they start talking with an employer, [the employer] can choose to go one on one conversation via text or virtual,” Rylander said.

Chaz Palisoc, Lead College Recruiting Manager for AT&T, shares tips with students on what makes the best candidate. Palisoc believes that although the event is virtual students are still getting the social interaction they need.

“Recruiters like myself still have that ability to gauge you, [your] social skills and interpersonal skills,” Palisoc said. “As you continue on with the career fair, make sure you bring that type of organization with each company you are going to be meeting.”

Rylander says students can prepare by having a resume, an elevator pitch and being knowledgable on the company of interest and professionally dressed.

The Career Center team sent emails to students with a list of employers hiring for their college and major. Rylander advises students to pick five to 10 employers from the list that pique their interest and fit a resume for each position.

“Just knowing that each of these employers have jobs available … It is not like one or two jobs, but these employees hire anywhere from 10 to 30 students at a time,” Rylander said.

Palisoc said one of the reasons AT&T hires Baylor students is because of the partnership they have fostered over the years. He shares that although he is not a Baylor alum the connections are strong through the Dallas area.

“In my opinion, the AT&T brand itself is a strong brand and so is the Baylor brand,” Palisoc said.

Rylander hopes that although this event is virtual students take advantage of the opportunity towards a future career.

“I would love for us to have over 3,000 students at this event,” Rylander said. “I would love for every single one of those students to get interviews, jobs and the internships they are looking for.”

For additional information, contact the Baylor University Career Center at or 254.710.2975.