Intramurals provide normalcy, encouragement during semester

LEAD LLC participates in a game of dodgeball. Photo courtesy of Ian Gish

By Mallory Harris | Reporter

As COVID-19 pushed back the starting of Baylor football, it raised questions about how the university would handle other on-campus sporting events. While intramural sports happen all year long, these fall sports are the first to happen with the pandemic still ongoing.

The intramural season is open to any Baylor student or faculty, that pays the respective fees, along with multi-level leagues to organize students by the size of their group. Abiding by the safety measures put in place by Baylor, the intramural team at the McLane Student Life Center have been keeping up to date on specific rules and providing clear communication with the participating organizations.

Donavon Hailey, coordinator for intramural sports, has been settling into his new position and all the new changes. Hailey was not available for comment but multiple groups have applauded him and his team on the informative attitude and multiple encouragements throughout the preparation of the season.

Greek organization Delta Delta Delta has been participating in intramural sports for multiple seasons, and this semester was no different. While requiring face masks for both players and the audience cheering them on, the energy and intentionality brought to the game have not let up.

Lake Geneva, Wis., junior Maggie Kravchuk, Delta Delta Delta’s intramural chair, explained through an email to the Lariat how the multiple people working through this have provided a sense of normalcy in a semester of change.

“Baylor IM Sports has been efficient and thorough in updating all the chairs on COVID precautions and ensuring that each sport is set up in a way that is safe but still possible to play,” Kravchuk said.

On the other hand, the LEAD LLC residence hall is also excited to get the chance to play intramurals in a safe yet fun way. While admiring the calm manner that the SLC team has displayed through all the changes that need to happen, Belton senior Ian Gish, the LEAD LLC intramural sports coordinator, wrote in an email to the Lariat that there has been a surprising amount of participants considering these circumstances.

In comparison to a normal year, around the same amount of people have joined, Gish explained. As the SLC provided online captain meetings and new rules and regulations to keep players safe, Gish said that the biggest adjustment has been the change in venue.

“The biggest change is that most of the sports have been outdoors,” Gish said. “This led to the loss of indoor volleyball, with kickball and sand volleyball as the big sports instead. The masks really haven’t been an issue now that most everyone is used to them.”

As the intramural season pushes forward for student connection in a world surrounded by isolation, the opportunity to be on-campus with other students in a friendly game is not passed up. Kravchuk said students are optimistic and enthusiastic about participating in intramural sports.

“Intramurals have provided a sense of normalcy in a semester full of changes,” Kravchuk said. “Our chapter has embraced intramurals as extra time spent together, especially in a semester where those opportunities are limited.”