Our Picks: Lariat Editors’ September Playlist

Lariat editors came together to make a playlist of all of our favorite songs at the moment. Courtesy photo art.

Compiled by Camille Rasor | Arts & Life Editor

Fully back into the swing of the school year, we’ve all started to listen to the music that will always remind us of the semester and the memories we make during it. Take a look below at the playlist put together by the editors of the Baylor Lariat to see what we’re loving and a few short explanations of why our editors can’t stop listening to these songs.

“Cobarde” by Ximena Sarinana | Selected by DJ Ramirez, Sports Editor

This one is for my Spanish-music lovers. In English the title translates to “Coward.” It’s kind of a sad song and it encompasses that feeling of hurt when you know someone you care for isn’t right for you. It’s a resignation and acceptance to the truth despite the pain. Sometimes we just have to let ourselves feel things in order to accept them.

“Kiwi” by Harry Styles | Selected by Matt Muir, Copy Desk Chief

It’s very rare that one song can redefine my opinion of an artist. Having witnessed the One Direction mania of the 2010s and thinking the boy band’s pop hits weren’t very good, my mind was already made up on its individual members when they embarked on their own solo ventures.

Enter Kiwi, the hard-rocking single from Harry Styles’ debut album. And yes, I know I’m late to the party.

Kiwi was seemingly tailor-made to catch my ear. Its high-octane feel, distorted guitars and loud, risque lyrics bring an edge which was a total shock (at least to me) coming from Styles. Kiwi is an instant jolt of energy, the type of song to crank the volume up on and scream in the car. Sadly, after two solo albums, it’s also an outlier. Kiwi showed me potential, and if future releases bring a return to this style, I may be able to call myself a Harry Styles fan.

“La vie en rose (feat. Cécile McLorin Salvant)” by Michael Bublé | Selected by Matthew Soderberg, News Editor

Even though my wedding isn’t until next summer, my fiance and I have already decided that La vie en rose by Michael Bublé will be our first-dance song. It holds a special place in my heart because anytime either of us are stressed, the other will put that song on to calm them down. It’s so sweet and romantic, and it just reminds me that love is the most important thing. As long as you remember that, everything else will be okay.

“Glory of Music II” by The Head and the Heart | Selected by Darby Good, Digital Managing Editor

I’ve been a huge fan of The Head and the Heart for a few years now and went to see them perform while they were touring for their latest album Living Mirage. In June, the band announced they were releasing Living Mirage: The Complete Recordings. This version of the album includes four new songs and an updated track sequence for Glory of Music, which was originally a slow acoustic solo for vocalist Jon. Glory of Music II takes the power of the words from the original but updates it into a jam that you can rock out to.