Baylor invests in tent structures to expand safe education

Madison Martin | Broadcast Reporter

Now that Baylor has implemented tents to help with social distancing, students feel safer and better protected returning back to school.

Houston freshman Bowen Zhang shared his thoughts about the tents being used in attempts to shield students from COVID-19 and encouraging people to stay six feet apart.

“I feel like this will be a great way to help many people on campus social distance,” Zhang said.

Despite the tents keeping students safe, some say they are disorienting.

Houston freshman Garrett Parker found the view of the tents to be a distraction that challenged new students with getting to know their campus surroundings.

“At first, they were a bit distracting. After touring the campus I knew where everything was, but now I don’t actually know where anything is,” Parker said.

Though the tents may not be visually appealing, they still serve their purpose of providing a safe space for students.

McKinney graduate student Bethany May acknowledged Baylor’s effort by taking the extra steps to prepare the campus for adjusting to the new normal of school during the pandemic.

“It shows that the university is taking the initiative on being serious about this pandemic,” May said. “They are taking the measures needed to keep students, faculty and all staff safe.”