Make the most out of this semester

Brittney Matthews | Photo Editor

While we all continue to adjust to a “new normal and settle back into college life, it’s proving to be difficult to distinguish what’s safe and what’s not. Regardless of if you’re a freshman or a senior, all of us are disappointed in some way. Whether you feel like you’re missing out on Baylor traditions or unable to reunite with all of your friends after an extra-long spring break, it’s frustrating to have to alter activities and traditions that were once considered “normal.”

However, it doesn’t have to be so negative. It can be interesting and fun to find other ways to spend time with friends and bond. Even though it’s not what we expected, we’re lucky to be able to return to campus at all. We shouldn’t waste this opportunity that many other college students don’t have.

Just because we have to wear masks and socially distance, it doesn’t mean we can’t hang out with friends and make new ones. Put yourself out there and find different, fun ways to enjoy the things we once were able to do. Whether that’s doing things outdoors with some extra space and protection or turning to Zoom and other virtual methods to spend time with one another, there is an endless number of ways to make activities fun and safe.

Take a trip down memory lane! Revisit your favorite childhood board games and activities like Uno or Scrabble and add a twist playing virtually. Take the time to discover interests or hobbies like painting and DIY arts and crafts which are easy and fun to do while being socially distant. Watch virtual concerts with your friends and take this extra free time to discover music and share it with others. Create traditions, like a weekly virtual movie night or Zoom family dinner.

Not only should we make an effort to find safe ways to hang out with friends in our free time, we must acknowledge and appreciate the effort Baylor has put into accommodating students on campus in a safe and socially distanced manner. Don’t miss out on special Baylor experiences just because they’re different than before. Participate in oncampus traditions, such as the grab and go Dr Pepper Hour. Stay connected through Baylor Student Activities and be on the lookout for virtual campus events.

Even though Baylor may look different than before, you can still enjoy and immerse yourself in the special culture that continues to present itself on and around campus. Just because we have to social distance and wear masks doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and make new friends. This is the time to put yourself out there in ways you may not be used to and to use your creativity to find new ways to spend time with friends. Make the most out of this semester!