Reconnect through Baylor virtual events

Hannah Holliday | Cartoonist

During this time of self-isolation, students should take advantage of the opportunity to stay connected through virtual events and seminars.

While Baylor has had to adapt to online classes, student organizations have also adjusted their events to allow students to continue to participate. By virtually attending these events, students will still feel connected to Baylor no matter where they are in the world.

The Sundown Sessions went virtual last week and hosted a trivia night for students. Leave Your Mark provided a cultural humility training on Wednesday.

Diadeloso 2020: Social Distancing Edition on Tuesday also made eddorts . Students have the option to purchase“Waco-to-me” packages filled with Dr Pepper, coffee, a shirt and more local favorites that will be shipped to students.

In place of the Academy Speaker Series, the Academy for Leadership Development has starting hosting Ted Talk Tuesdays hosted on the group’s Instagram. Last week’s speeches were titled “The Political Power of Being a Good Neighbor” and “You are not alone in your loneliness.”

The Bearathon, which was cancelled in March, will be hosted virtually until Sunday, and all proceeds will go towards the President’s Excellence Fund.

The university and its students have fought hard to continue Baylor conditions while we cannot spend these moments together. Events that we may not have had time for in the past are now more accessible than ever and can provide something to do during quarantine.

While many students have gone back to living away from Waco, they have also stopped engaging with the university. The loss of physical classes and university events have left many students without a direct link to the university.

The use of virtual events provides an opportunity to close this divide and gives students the opportunity to reenter university life.

Students can also reengage with one another to combat isolation while social distancing. Many student groups and organizations have hosted Zoom calls with each other to stay in touch.

However, many students have become mentally isolated while they have physically stayed at home. Without having friends living a few blocks away, it has left many students without leaving their home for days for so much as a walk.

Virtual events along with regular walks and Zoom calls with friends can provide students what they need to get through quarantine without losing their ties to Baylor and its traditions.