Sundown Sessions continue with online platform

While the sundown sessions are no longer meeting in person, the event has continued online through Zoom. Thursday's sundown session will feature a virtual coloring party. Photo courtesy of Sarah Patterson

By Elisabeth George | Reporter

The Union Board will host the latest Sundown Sessions on Thursday, April 23 at 7 p.m. on Zoom. The second event since they have moved online, the Session will be hosting a virtual coloring party.

Sarah Patterson, the student board graduate assistant, said the goal of the events was to bring students together.

“Our motto for Union Board is to make the SUB feel like home. While none of us can be in the SUB, we’re trying to make the home feel a little more like the SUB, and that’s why we’re doing all of this,” Patterson said.

The event will be hosting NatterDoodle, an Ohio based lettering artist and self-proclaimed “Chief Sprinkler of Positivity Confetti”.

“[NatterDoodle] is a former higher education professional, she used to work with college students, but she like creates custom coloring sheets … And so we had her make, like a custom Baylor theme/Waco themed PDF coloring sheet that’s three pages. It was really cool,” Patterson said.

Patterson said that everyone is welcome at this event.

“You have to register so that we can get you the PDF and the zoom link before it starts, but there’s not a cap on the number [of people who can attend],” Patterson said. “We’re not worried about how many people want to come and I’ll be checking my email and the registration form right up until seven.”

Center senior Chloe Gipson has been involved with the Union Board since her freshman year. She said that the transition from in person to online programming has gone well.

“We’ve been able to find a way to keep most of our usual programs going even though we’re not on campus,” Gipson said. “This has looked like continuing our weekly pop up brunch bar, Ubreak, by doing cooking Instagram Lives led by our members on Fridays. In addition, we’ve been able to host events like Trivia Night, coloring parties, and workout sessions for our Sundown Sessions on Saturdays.”

Gipson said she has attended all of the Union Board’s past events and that she had event led some of them.

“I feel like they went pretty well, and students and staff alike have really enjoyed them. The feedback and comments we get on our Instagram Lives and posts really show that the community is still engaged and wants to feel connected to each other and that good ‘ol Baylor spirit,” Gipson said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the cool Baylor inspired designs created by @natterdoodles on Instagram and hanging out with all of my Union Board pals [on Thursday]!”

Patterson said there is a link online where students can register as well as on the Union Board Instagram page and in What’s New BU.

The last Sundown Session of the year will be next week, April 30.