Baylor students share their struggles with online classes

April Oddo | LTVN Intern

Due to Baylor’s recent decision to transition to online classes for the rest of the 2020 spring semester, some students are struggling to find motivation from home as classes become increasingly difficult.

“It’s also very hard to be proactive. I don’t think I have touched my 1305 class in three weeks just because there’s no one there to tell me to go to class on Monday and Wednesday at one. So, that’s been a challenge,” Mary Claire Leath, a freshman business major from Dallas, said.

“I’m sitting at home in my bed or in my kitchen, so I just don’t want to do anything,” she added.

Because it can be hard to find the determination to complete assignments from home, Leath also mentioned that exams seem to be much more difficult online.

“I found the tests are a lot harder because they know you have your notes. I took a calculus quiz and it was insanely more difficult than it would have been in class,” Leath said.

With difficult assignments, no motivation and no library to study at, students are worried that online classes will hold a negative effect on their grades.

“You can only do so much through technology, and I don’t think that emails are enough,” Taylor Calton, a freshman business major from Colorado, said.