Fitness community shares free workouts, inspiration online

Several fitness programs ands apps are offering deals on memberships, so that can people can continue exercising in the safety of their own home. Lariat File Photo.

By Vivian Roach | Staff Writer

Due to shelter-in-place orders, at-home workouts are becoming the new normal. Living rooms, garages and bedrooms have been transformed into the gym for workouts. Bodyweight workouts, or ones with improvised fitness equipment from items found around the house are top of the queue. Fitness programs are offering free workouts through apps, Instagram stories, posts and Facebook pages.

One app for workout and fitness guidance, Nike Training Club, is offering free premium memberships until further notice. “We’re evolving as the world evolves and we want to help you stay healthy and active with your fellow teammates,” the company said in its app description.

Through the app, you can find a variety of yoga, high interval intensity training, cardio and bodyweight workouts instructed by a team of virtual trainers at any time of day. The 10 to 45 minutes long workouts range between beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The indoor cycling program, Peloton, is offering a 90-day free trial to their at-home fitness app. Along with live fitness classes, there are also pre-loaded programs for running, indoor cycling, strength, yoga, HIIT, meditation, stretching and walking. It is available on the iPhone, Android phones Fire TV and more.

Murrieta, Calif., senior Rebecca Herrera is a Bear Cycle instructor for Baylor FitWell. She said she is using the Peloton app and tries to incorporate a body weight or an arm toning program after a ride.

“Staying fit gives me sanity and a sense of normalcy in a time of chaos. We can’t control our surroundings, but fitness will always be something no one can take away from us.” Herrera said.

The Baylor FitWell program also provides workout routines and videos to follow along with on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Shenandoah, TX junior Victoria Whitworth is a FitWell instructor as well. Whitworth said that she, as well as the other FitWell instructors, want to stay connected with their members during this time.

“Our hope is that when our members follow along with these virtual workouts, they feel like they are bringing a small piece of their Baylor routine back home with them during these hectic times,” Whitworth said.

Many athletic teams at Baylor teamed up with D1 Training in Waco for conditioning programs as a supplement to their sport training. You can find full body workouts on their Youtube channel, D1 Waco, and access their connection and wellness calls through the link on their Instagram page @d1waco.

D1 Training has also partnered with TrainHeroic, an online strength and conditioning software to offer workouts and live coaching through an app.

Many gyms and fitness studios are encouraging Instagram followers to tune into their live stories for more of an interactive workout experience between the viewers and instructor. Viewers can comment in live time and interact with others watching, a feature pre-loaded programs can’t offer. Anyone can watch these live stories, regardless of whether or not they pay monthly memberships.

Be on the lookout for these free workouts while you are scrolling through social media. Some exercises you may have always wanted to try, but never had resources for, could be available now.