Chapel goes online following university announcement

Baylor's mandatory chapel will continue starting Monday with the beginning of online chapel. Students will be required to watch videos and submit an end of semester reflection essay. Lariat File Photo

By Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer

The continuation of online classes through the end of the semester has forced mandatory chapel to make adjustments to its curriculum.

As of now, chapel students will receive a short video regularly via Canvas, Facebook and Instagram instead of attending an in-person chapel in Waco Hall.

In addition to videos, students will be asked to submit a 1,000 word reflection essay at the end of the semester about the videos they have watched and also on their spiritual journey during this time.

University President Linda Livingstone contacted those currently enrolled in chapel by email Thursday to explain the expectations for students in order to fulfill their chapel credit.

“I strongly recommend that you keep an ongoing journal as you experience what is shared day by day,” Livingstone said. “This will help make the assignment more helpful and meaningful to you.”

Students will be given credit for the first half of the semester if they maintained less than seven absences and will continue to receive updates and videos in order to complete their chapel requirements.

Students who have missed eight or more chapel services will not be able to pass the semester and will be receiving a separate email from Livingstone at some point this week with further information on receiving chapel credit in the future.

Longmont, Colo. freshman Kathryn Moist said she is proud of Baylor for sticking to its roots and for not letting the uncertainty of the time get in the way of the Gospel.

I don’t think the requirements for chapel will be difficult to complete,” Moist said. “The reflection we’re being asked to write has no wrong our right answers, it’s completely based off our own experience with God which I think is really neat.”

Many students said they felt uncertain as they will begin online courses on Monday.

“It will be a big adjustment for everyone so it’s nice to know we’re all in this together,” Moist said. “I guess I’m just not completely sure what to expect and that makes me kind of nervous.”