Baylor Connections podcast takes listeners behind the scenes of the University

Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

From movies to music and more, streaming makes a variety of content available to any student at any time. That’s exactly what the podcast Baylor Connections provides — taking listeners behind the scenes of what’s happening at Baylor University.

“It’s basically designed to introduce people to the great people that are here at Baylor and the great work they are doing,” Derek Smith, host of the podcast & Senior Marketing Communication Specialist, said. “It goes in-depth; it’s not just a sound byte or a brief synopsis on a website. We get to talk to people about the work they do and hear the heart behind it, as well as to cast the vision for what is taking place at Baylor going forward.”

This three-year-old podcast has over 110 episodes. You can hear it live every Friday at 11 a.m. on KWBU-FM.

“There are so many programs that we haven’t gotten to yet,” Smith said. “So, I think we just continue to look for people who are doing great work, and that is not hard to do at Baylor.”

The podcast is an excellent way for potential and current students to stay up to date and to get a glimpse of the behind the sense work that goes on throughout campus.

Southlake junior Natalie Hall says she enjoys listening to the podcast while working out.

“Sometimes, when I am running on Baylor’s campus, I enjoy listening to the Baylor Connections podcast because it has a lot of cool things on it,” Hall said. “Personally, I like how they talk about all the new research that has been going on. It is really interesting to hear about.”