Spikeball Club crushes the competition at the Waco Major Tournament

Sam Beckmeier | LTVN Intern

Spikeball is a more competitive sport than you might think. Colleges across the nation regularly host tournaments and competitions for some of the most elite players in the game.

Teams from the Baylor Spikeball Club crushed the competition at the Waco Major Tournament before spring break, taking podium spots at second and third in the Advanced Division. Teams from across the state of Texas competed at the Hart-Patterson track and field complex in Waco to qualify for the Texas Gold Division.

Baylor’s team of Dax O’Hair and AJ Hutchinson finished second in the Advanced Division, securing their spot in gold for future tournaments. They attributed their success to the dedicated practice and training of the spikeball club.

“I believe we did so well in the tournament just because we practiced together seriously for six months with the spikeball club. All the continued practice and time really gave us a great chance to become second in the tournament,” said O’Hair.

Sophomore Caleb Cummings, who had previously qualified for the Gold Division, also competed at the Waco Major, finishing 7th overall.

“I think what I did was good. I started getting some really good hard serves on. I started getting some low serves on to really choke up people low when they’re receiving,” said Cummings.

Jack Charles, president of the Baylor Spikeball Club, was impressed with the performance of the Baylor club members.

“Some of our better players weren’t there and a lot of the young guys stepped up, which I love to see. I think we had like four freshmen in the semis, which was just super fun. I love seeing the growth of the club, and overall I think we were really happy with how we played,” said Charles.