Spring into break while you still can

Hannah Holliday | Cartoonist

Spring break is the last time college seniors are allowed to be kids before they graduate and brave the new world. Most students travel, go on a mission trip or find other ways to enjoy the time-honored holiday.

However, many students decide to return to their hometowns or stay in Waco for what has become known as a ‘staycation’ where students spend most of the break sitting on a couch. Instead of opting to lounge at home for spring break, students should go out and explore different opportunities before they lose their chance.

Staycations have many benefits because they allow students to stay at home and recover from the first part of the semester. However, they do not allow students to fully enjoy the opportunities they have during spring break. Compared to other holidays throughout the academic year like fall break or Diadeloso, spring break offers students a full week to travel any and everywhere they want, and students should maximize the amount of time they have to enjoy it.

By using spring break to enjoy time away from classes, students also have the opportunity to catch up on all of the activities they say they want to do outside of the classroom. Throughout the semester, students oftentimes form a list of things they want to do but end up never getting to after coming down from a stressful test week. Spring break provides a way for students to check items off that list, and also lifts some of the pressure from feeling guilt about doing a fun activity instead of paying attention to your studies.

Students who don’t have the budget for a more extravagant trip can still find creative ways to do new things in their hometown. Make the trip your own.

Planning a fun trip or making any sort of plans for spring break apart from your parents can end up being another step in the “adulting” process. For most students, up till now their parents have made all of the arrangements and plans for vacations. Spring break is the perfect chance for students to get their first chance at the planning, budgeting and organizing processes that go into planning and saving for trips.

While many students see staycations as a way to relax after a stressful school workload, taking a trip or going on some form of adventure for spring break could prove most beneficial because it allows students to get out of their normal routines, settings and try something new. Sometimes all students need to clear their minds is a change in scenery, and spring break allows time for students to go anywhere in the world and explore new things before returning to campus to finish out the semester. Staying at home can be fun, but taking a trip will provide memories that will last a lifetime and students shouldn’t let stress or a lack of effort hold them back from those opportunities.