Baylor love sparks on campus

Sarah Gill | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor love stories are a hot topic in the community, especially around Valentine’s Day. To celebrate this holiday, Baylor graduate student Brie McKinney shared her love story with LTVN.

McKinney and her fiancé, Dan Boatman, were friends for a year before they developed a crush on one another. The Baylor campus played a significant role in their relationship. For their first date, they went to Christmas on 5th.

“We went and actually sat outside of Carroll Science building,” McKinney said. “We sat and watched the tree get lit. Sometimes we’ll go visit and just sit there for a little while.”

Besides their special spot outside Carroll Science, they also took walks around campus regularly and sat on the green and gold benches. One specific spot on campus marks a special milestone in their relationship.

“He proposed at Burleson Quadrangle,” McKinney said, standing under an archway near Old Main. “He proposed under this arch, and that’s a place that we will always hold really dear.”

When asked about the “ring by spring” pressure, McKinney said they did feel the pressure but it was a good thing.

“I knew that I wanted to marry Dan,” she said. “It was really nice to be able to have those conversations of like ‘we’re not going to be at Baylor after we both graduate so what are the promises that we’re gonna make each other?'”

The couple got engaged last April and they have plans to get married in June.

“I’m really lucky that I got to meet all my best friends but also my future husband at Baylor,” McKinney said. “I think it’s a beautiful place to make friends and fall in love.”