Baylor Professor named editor-in-chief of major science journal by American Chemical Society

Dr. Bryan Brooks, a Baylor professor, was named the editor-in-chief of the national Environmental Science and Technology Letters publication. Photo courtesy of Baylor University

By Pranay Malempati | Sports Writer

Dr. Bryan Brooks, professor of environmental science and biomedical studies at Baylor was named by the American Chemical Society as the new editor-in-chief of the national publication Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

The ACS is a nonprofit organization chartered by Congress with the mission of “advancing the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.”

Glenn Ruskin, vice president of external affairs and communications at the American Chemical Society, said the group believes Brooks is uniquely qualified to lead the journal into the future.

“Dr. Brooks is a recognized global expert through his transdisciplinary research examining environmental issues and how chemistry can bring about sustainable solution,” Ruskin said. “He also presented a very compelling multi-faceted strategy and vision for the future growth of the journal, which is extremely important as Environmental Science and Technology Letters has grown to be among the most impactful in the area of environmental science.”

Dr. George Cobb, the environmental science chair at Baylor and member of the ACS Executive committee, said the qualities he has observed in Brooks will help him have a tremendous positive impact as editor-in-chief.

“The editor position for the journal that Dr. Brooks is taking over is very important for cutting-edge research in environmental science to get things out in a very timely manner, to have the potential to alter, in a good way, the way we do science and consider environmental problems,” Cobb said. “[Brooks] is very diligent and focused in the things that he takes on as tasks. He is able manage multiple tasks at one time, which is very important in a position like the editor-in-chief position.”

Ruskin said Brooks placement in this position is something Baylor should be proud of.

“The selection of Baylor professors Dr. Brooks and Dr. Cobbis something that Baylor University, its faculty and students can all take great pride in,” Ruskin said. “As the world’s largest scientific society, we are delighted to have two globally-renowned researchers from Baylor’s outstanding chemistry program join with us in advancing science in the chemistry enterprise.”

Cobb concurred with this sentiment and said Baylor professors are making a significant impact in the world.

“Baylor is emerging at one place,” Cobb said, “that has significant numbers of faculty who are in leadership at the American Chemical Society. With Professor Brooks getting this editor-in-chief position, there are now at least four people in this building who have either elected or major appointed positions within the ACS. That’s starting to have a nucleus of well-recognized faculty, to make a difference in the largest professional science society in the world.”