Tailgate Guys to bring new fan experience for Baylor football

Baylor's recent partnership with Tailgate Guys is the most recent of the organization's partnership with Big 12 teams, including Oklahoma and Kansas State, among others. Photo courtesy of Tailgate Guys

By Meredith Pratt | Staff Writer

Tailgate Guys, a company specializing in tailgating services, will be partnering with Baylor Athletics for the 2020 football season. The partnership plans to bring a new tailgating experience to Baylor fans at McLane Stadium with bellhop services from on-site Tailgate Guys staff.

Founded in 2009 at Auburn University, Tailgate Guys has developed over 50 partners nationally in the past 10 years and are is partnered with six Big 12 schools, as well as many other collegiate, NFL, MLB and MLS programs.

Tailgate Guys services include loading and unloading assistance, coolers with ice, tents, tables, chairs, custom tailgate signage and equipment cleanup and breakdown. Local food and beverage services will also be available for purchase.

The tailgate packages start at $1,000 and cover the entire season, and single-game rentals will be available for select games. The packages and their individual pricing can be found on their website.

Alicia Korte, regional director of sales for Tailgate Guys, has conducted several phone calls with Baylor fans to answer questions they have concerning the partnership.

“There’s been a lot of misinformation,” Korte said.

Many fans called Korte afraid they would lose the tailgating spot they have had for years or were unsure if they could continue to bring their own food to the tailgates.

Korte said that 98% of the phone calls have been positive once she explains the new options and procedures to fans.

“We are grandfathering in any individual that has had custom tailgate trailers made because we understand that’s an investment,” Korte said.

Fans can also continue to bring their own chairs, TVs and other personal items to the tailgates.

Current tailgaters can renew their tailgate location from March 5 to April 30.

Baylor director of athletics Mack Rhoades said that this was not a decision made solely with revenue in mind.

“We certainly feel like it will enhance the customer experience,” Rhoades said.

The new tailgating experience with Tailgate Guys is structured to allow more groups to have the opportunity to tailgate, whereas before there was a waitlist of fans without the space to do so. Rhoades said he also predicts that organization will improve and surrounding traffic will lessen.

The company will be having a pop-up tailgate at the Baylor’s spring football game on April 18 to preview their services to fans.

“Tailgate Guys are absolutely the best in the business,” Rhoades said. “They get it.”