MBA ‘Done in a Day’ event decides admittance in 24 hours

During “Done in a Day”, business students get to have an admissions interview at DIAD while receiving an admissions and scholarship decision within 24 hours. Brittney Matthews | Multimedia Journalist

Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer

Monday’s “Done in a Day” event allowed Baylor MBA applicants to fit their entire application, interview and acceptance process into a 24-hour window. The event was held in the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.

The event was geared toward individuals who have already submitted an application, but many prospective applicants attended also.

Scot Sanders, assistant director of admissions in the graduate business programs, planned and hosted this event for Baylor students.

“The day is designed to give our prospective students full access to all things Baylor MBA while introducing them to the culture of the program and that of Baylor University,” Sanders said.

Maria Morales Menendez, current MBA student from Lexington, Ky., has attended the event in the past and said the efficiency of “Done in a Day” and the ability for her to visit Waco is what drew her to attend.

In addition to an admissions interview and the ability to network with current staff and students, attendees were able to sit in during an MBA class and work with current students on a case study.

“I loved engaging in conversation and being able to problem-solve with other people,” Morales Menendez said. “By them setting that up for me, it really allowed me to see that Baylor is about collaboration and learning through conversation.”

They were then able to hear presentations from the Career Center and student services as well as scheduling appointments with their advisors and career management team.

There was also a panel of faculty members representing cyber security, data analytics and entrepreneurship and corporate innovation. All are available as part of the MBA. In addition, medical MBA programs held separate breakout sessions.

“These two sessions help students understand the various areas of focus offered in the MBA program,” Sanders said. “It helps students understand what the career options are associated with each concentration.”

A new speed-networking session was also introduced to allow attendees to meet and connect with current staff, students and ask questions in a speed dating style.

After the conclusion of the event and interview, students will receive an admittance decision within 24 hours, making the Baylor MBA program the only one at Baylor to offer an event like this to prospective students.

“It’s a fast-paced and well-loved event that really puts our fantastic facilities, our extremely well-qualified faculty, passionate staff and outstanding students on display,” Sanders said.