Students relish in the unexpected snowfall on campus

Igor Stepczynski | Broadcast Reporter

What was expected to be another quiet night on Baylor’s campus, turned into a lively celebration when a surprise snowfall drew many students out of their beds with excitement. What was supposed to be “light flurries” dressed campus in white snow that actually stuck throughout the night.

Fountain mall was especially active at around 1:00 am on Thursday with students frolicking in the snow. Snowmen were made and snowball fights were declared. One students even seized the opportunity to use his snowboard, with friends taking turns pulling each other around.

The students present sacrificed their sleep and warmth for the joyful yet unexpected occasion. “I have a pre-cal quiz tomorrow I should be studying for,” one student said. Another student trumped his remark by saying “I have two tests tomorrow. Can they please be cancelled? I started crying a bit after seeing the snow.” Many students had exams and classes as early as 8:00 am, but that didn’t stop them from playing in the snow.

For some, it was their first time seeing the snow, and If it wasn’t their first, it was one of the few. “I’m from Houston,” a student said, “and this is only my second time seeing snow, ever!” Many more hoped that classes would be cancelled due to the weather. One student said he hasn’t had a snow day in 18 years because he was homeschooled. “It would be an honor to have my first snow day in college” he said.

The students got creative with their excitement, from drawing greek letters in the snow to strategically placing snowmen on Judge Baylor’s lap and even putting the letter “i” space of the word “light” on Fountain Mall.

Snow angels were made in bounty and laughter clearly echoed throughout the campus. However, was it worth getting cold and sleep deprived for a little fun in the snow? All groups interviewed on camera gave an unanimous “absolutely”.

Although the students were clearly bundled up the best as they could, it was obvious that the memories made with their friends was the true thing that kept them warm. “I-I can’t even explain it,” one student choked up while holding her snowball, “this only happens so rarely and to experience this moment with everyone coming out and supporting each other, just being connected by the love of snow is great.”

Baylor University announced that classes were to resume as normal leaving many students’ hopes destroyed, but this wholesome night is sure to remain frozen solid in their book of college memories.