Dr Pepper honors roots with championship bottles

Dr Pepper’s origins lie in Waco, as the drink was first manufactured in the building that is now the Dr Pepper Museum. The museum is run separately from the brand of Dr Pepper and is maintained by a board of directors. Photo courtesy of Baylor.edu

By Vivian Roach | Staff Writer

Dr Pepper has commemorated the Baylor women’s basketball team on their last three national championship wins in 2019, 2012 and 2005 with limited-edition bottles.

The 12-ounce real sugar bottle features the interlocking BU Logo side by side with the 2019 National Champions logo.

Pepsi has also dedicated a Mountain Dew can to the title the Lady Bears earned after winning against Notre Dame, 82-80 in the 2019 NCAA national championship.

Baylor women’s basketball player Lauren Cox said the commemoration reminded her of how special the championship means.

“It means a lot to me and everyone on the team because it’s one of those things that reminds you of how special that year was. We worked so hard for it, and it’s a great feeling to get support from the Baylor and Waco community,” Cox said.

Gracie Beard, communications coordinator at the Dr Pepper Museum, said she is proud to have the Lady Bears chosen for the limited-edition bottle.

“It’s a big deal and I had tons of people from all over come trying to get their hands on the bottles,” Beard said.

Fans and collectors from afar sprang into action once the bottles were released. The museum is sold out of the bottles, but Beard said they hope to get more soon.

“They’re not just getting one, they’re getting four at a time. So we ran out quite quickly because it’s a commemorative and collector’s item,” Beard said. “They are a couple places around town that I’ve heard had had them, but I’m not sure if they’re all sold out. We’re trying to get our hands on more, but I can’t make any promises.”

Dr Pepper was first manufactured in Waco and the museum is dedicated to preserving its history here. The Dr Pepper museum houses original memorabilia and soda bottles of the decades. The bottles are popular collector’s items and Beard said she expects to see this latest edition pop up in auctions online and around town too.

“That’s why this is so different, because it’s not just Dr Pepper fans, it’s sports fans too,” Beard said.