Students create vlogs to showcase Baylor culture and traditions

Grace Smith | Broadcast Reporter

From running the Baylor Line to eating at Penland Dining Hall, Baylor is proud of its many traditions. Pictures and videos can show outsiders what it’s like to be a Baylor Bear, but a vlog can do even more.

Vlogging is a YouTube sensation that is a type of video that reaches the eyes of billions each day. Current students have created vlogs that take viewers into their lives at Baylor University and invite them into their community through the screen.

“We are looking at showcasing and presenting a sort of virtual tour of what Baylor would be in a really modern, contemporary video way, which is a vlog,” Morty Ortega, Multimedia Specialist for Baylor University, said.

Students were handed a camera and took viewers behind the scenes of different Baylor events, traditions and places on campus.

“I really loved that I got to make it my own. I got to add little funny touches throughout my vlog,” Casey Sellers, a Marble falls senior, said. “There is a part where I am holding a dinosaur, and we are making weird faces at each other. It was just a really cool opportunity to be yourself and show the Baylor family how the students are and what it’s like.”

This modern style of video making is perfect for not only getting a behind-the-scenes look at Baylor’s campus, but it takes viewers into the normal, everyday lives of students. It’s a great way for those outside of the community to see what Baylor is really like.

“I really think it would help the students who are considering Baylor, because they are really getting in the action of what social life is like here, what the food is like here and what the traditions are like as well,” Kate Kosub, Flower Mound sophomore, said. “I definitely would encourage everyone to watch the videos.”