Review: Jonas Brothers music video shows ‘What a man gotta do’

Courtesy of Ticketmaster

By Darby Good | News Editor

The Jonas Brothers premiered their newest single ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ on Jan. 16 with an accompanying music video. Since its premier, the video has received over 20 million views and pays homage to classic movies and features the brothers’ wives.

The video is a beautiful blend of new and old. Perfect for this new era of the Jonas Brothers that has kept their original fan-base interested in their music while also reaching new groups of listeners.

You don’t have to understand every rom-com reference to know that the Jonas Brothers and their wives can make an insanely fun video to promote the groups new single.

The video opens with Nick Jonas sliding into the living room like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business,” complete with a button-down shirt, white socks and candle stick microphone. He continues to dance around the living room similar to Cruise’s character and performs dance kicks in front of the fireplace where his real-life wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas is sitting on the couch and laughing at her husband’s dance.

The shot then cuts to the next Jonas husband-wife duo, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Similar to the movie “Grease” the two perform in a dance-off with costumes mirroring what Danny and Sandy wore. They dance to the hand jive while “Stranger Things” actor Matthew Modine monitored the dancing pairs and eliminated people like Vine Fontaine did in “Grease.”

Turner and Joe Jonas continued to dance on the gymnasium floor while the Jonas Brothers performed on stage during the dance-off like Johnny Casino and The Gamblers.

Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas return to the screen where Nick Jonas continues to dance around the living room. Chopra Jonas soon joins in the fun with her own button down and socks look while also serving viewers a glorious hair flip in the process.

In another nod to “Grease,” the video returns to Turner and Joe Jonas where a different version of Turner wearing all black stepped in and pushed Turner’s version of Sandy aside. This moment references when Cha-Cha stole Danny during the dance-off only to win the competition. Turner’s Cha-Cha even kicked Joe Jonas in the face as Cha-Cha did.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas referenced “Say Anything” in their scenes together. The eldest Jonas brother stood outside Danielle Jonas’ window, boombox in hand, while wearing a trench coat similar to the one worn by John Cusack in the original film.

Each movie reference throughout the video is a modern interpretation of the classic moments. In Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ boombox moment, Kevin Jonas’ boombox breaks forcing him to raise an iPhone instead.

To bring each of the Jonas couples together, each pair dances the hand jive. With Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas hand jiving in the living room they originally slid into, Turner and Joe Jonas jiving along with the rest of the auditorium and Danielle and Kevin Jonas performing the hand jive in the driveway where he had previously held up the boombox.

The brothers continue to dance in their separate settings with their wives, where Joe and Kevin Jonas join Nick Jonas in dancing without their pants.

Eventually, each of the pairs come together for a final pose signaling the end of the video and “Grease” style dance-off.