Kappa Sigma hosts annual Koffee for Heroes event

Kappa Sigma members hosting their annual philanthropy event at Common Grounds to raise money for Veteran's One Stop.

By Sarah Pinkerton | Staff Writer

Kappa Sigma fraternity hosted their annual Koffee for Heroes event on Sunday in order to raise money for local non-profit, Veteran’s One Stop.

The event was held at Common Grounds and featured country band, The Red Clay Strays. Attendees were able to purchase tickets for $5 and enjoy an evening of music and coffee.

All proceeds from the ticket sales were given to Veteran’s One Stop and a Fundly account was also set up online in order for individuals to donate money if they could not attend the event.

Ithaca, N.Y. junior RC Renberg, Kappa Sigma President said the event is to raise money in hopes to support Waco veterans.

“They provide all sorts of services like counseling, help finding a new job, supporting families when they’re kind of making their way back past being a soldier,” Renberg said.

Founded in 2012, Veteran’s One Stop is a facility that aims to assist veterans with their return to civilian life. They provide these services in one location and with the assistance of donations, are able to continue to provide these resources to local veterans.

Bobbi Stewart, Keynote speaker, Program Manager and MVPN Peer Service Coordinator said that people often overlook the change veterans endure when coming out of active duty.

That transition often requires assistance to generate success and through our network of resources. We have been able to decrease the suicide rate while promoting the MVPN mission of trust, hope and camaraderie,” Stewart said.

Kappa Sigma is involved with this event annually and has featured many different bands and singers while also hosting speakers from Veteran’s One Stop.

The Red Clay Strays are an Alabama-based band who have performed throughout the state of Texas. Prior to the Koffee for Heroes event this week, they held shows in Denton, Lubbock and Fort Worth.

“One of our members is from the same town as them so knew a lot about them and connected them with our philanthropy team,” Renberg said. “They’re on a tour right now so it kind of just worked out perfectly that they were able to make it to Waco for the weekend.”

As Kappa Sigma aims to nationally support veterans, Veteran’s One Stop is the non-profit that the Baylor chapter chooses to support each year while also volunteering weekly with the Salvation Army.

This event not only raises funds for Veteran’s One Stop, but also increases awareness regarding the mission and need for assistance and aid for veterans making the transition back to civilian life.

“By being able to be diverse in our worldviews, we can be compassionate to those around us that are walking a different path than we are.” Stewart said.

Baylor students and members of the Waco community can get involved with Veteran’s One Stop by donating, visiting their website, liking the Heart of Texas Veteran’s One Stop Facebook page or going by the facility at 2010 LaSalle Ave. to speak with current staff members and volunteers about opportunities to get involved.