A Baylor professor’s take on healthy social media use

BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

Dr. Angela Gorrell is an assistant professor of practical theology and the author of “Always On,” a book geared toward helping others use social media more effectively and provoking users to think about how social media use is related to Christian faith.

The high usage of social media among college students often leads to comparison, depression and anxiety. Gorrell shares four practical ways that students can use social media wisely.

Her four main tips are to not feel pressured to post that you are happy when you are actually not, pay attention to who you follow online and understand how it makes you feel, be careful about passive scrolling and find ways to meaningfully participate online.

She also urges users to join conversations, celebrate with others, respond to people who are mourning with more than an emoji and practice gratitude, be truthful and build a peaceful community.

“Choose people to follow that inspire you to live more like Jesus,” Gorrell said. “People who inspire you to live joy, love and peace.”

Answering the call to become a pastor and theologian, Gorrell spends her time researching topics that matter to all people. Gorrell then uses her work to help others understand God’s love and their purpose.

“I try to research subjects that a lot of people don’t necessarily see a direct connection between [the subject] and theology or Christian faith,” said Gorrell.

Another book she is currently working on focuses on despair, America’s suicide rates, opioid addiction and overdose rates.

“I am really interested in the things that keep people from wanting to follow Jesus,” Gorrell said. “The things that keep people from experiencing and understanding Gods love.”