Finding Christmas gifts for all

The Fabled Bookshop & Cafe has plenty of gifts for young children and book lovers of all ages. Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers can be found here for the whole family. Kristen DeHaven | Multimedia Journalist

By Mckenzie Oviatt | Reporter

As Christmas looms, so does the inevitable question of what to get loved ones for the holidays. Malls are packed. Items are out-of-order. Some people can be hard to shop for. Well, here are some options for thoughtful and inexpensive gifts for even the pickiest of people.

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe:

While browsing Fabled Bookshop & Cafe, people can find thoughtful gifts throughout the entire store. If you are shopping for young children, there is a room filled with stuffed animals, dress-up costumes, picture books and action figures. Classic children’s books start at around $8 and there is plenty of variety for what the child is interested in. People can bring beloved children’s stories to life with accompanying toys. Kimberly Batson, co-owner of Fabled Bookshop & Cafe, said they sell dragon night capes with matching books about dragons.

“As a parent, it is super convenient having simple costumes that kids can easily put on over their clothes,” Batson said.

As far as gifts for adults, they have a plethora of books to choose from in different genres. They also sell T-shirts, hats, graphic socks, mugs and stationery. Fabled can easily become your one-stop shop for Christmas presents for loved ones of all ages.

Milo All Day:

For the holiday season, Milo is promoting a great gift card deal. When you buy $100 in gift cards, you get a free $20 gift card.

Corey McEntyre, owner and chef, said he thinks this would be a great gift to mentors at school and friends at school.

“This is a great option for those Milo fans in your life. Extra $20? Pretty great if you ask me. Great option for taking someone to dinner or brunch,” McEntyre said.

AirPod Case:

AirPods are convenient and practical; however, AirPods are also easy to lose. While this Apple product is popular on college campuses and with music lovers, they are not popular for those who have a knack for losing things. AirPod cases are inexpensive, usually ranging from $6 to $20 for the leather version. The AirPod case can attach to your car keys, belt loop, or onto your backpack or purse. Better yet, you can still charge your AirPods with the case still on. With a small investment for a case, you can save your friends or family the hassle of losing or damaging unprotected and expensive AirPods.