Internship generates student music group

Photo courtesy of The !nterns

By Teagan Zelle | Contributor

Baylor students Bellaire junior Matt Bechter and Conroe junior Liam Mansfield, alongside their friend Anthony Buzbee, began to gain attention for their group The !nterns Music this year.

The !nterns are a group of three DJs who specialize in making electronic dance music (EDM). The group formed in December of 2018 while all three worked at an internship with Fox Corporate Housing. Their love for music brought them together and they began to put their passions to work, deciding to call themselves none other than The !nterns.

“We had only known each other for a short period before forming The !nterns. Two of our members went to high school together in Houston and we did not all meet each other until the first few weeks at Baylor University,” Bechter said.

By January 2019, they released their first single “Tell Me You’re Sorry,” and received up to 18,000 plays on SoundCloud and gained over 20,000 followers on Instagram. This past summer, they released their first album “Dear Ibiza” consisting of 10 songs.

“Our wide music variety allows us to play to any crowd and allows The !nterns not to be branded with one specific sound. Our same interest and love for music is the reason The !nterns were formed in the first place,” Mansfield said.

Their current music centralizes around EDM and features other artists. Small venues in Waco, and even Greek organizations from other universities, have asked The !nterns to perform for past events.

“The !nterns would love to play for more events, and we are focused on sharing our sound around the world, which will create more opportunities for us,” Buzbee said.

Members of the !nterns are currently pursuing their music, but are all students as well. When they are not in the DJ booth, followers of their music can find Bechter at the Hankamer School of Business studying MIS and supply chain management. Mansfield is often in the Baylor Sciences Building pursuing a degree in health science studies, and Buzbee is at school in Houston also pursuing business.

With a growing following and an increase in popularity, The !nterns are looking towards reaching a bigger audience and continuing to work on making new music.

“Our next album, Ibizacation, is in the works, and we are incredibly excited to share that with our fans,” Bechter said. “We hope The !nterns continue to grow and that more and more people will hear about our music.”