Baylor commemorates Veterans Day with recital at Pat Neff Hall

By BrenShavia Jordan | Broadcast Reporter

In recognition of Veterans Day, Baylor hosted a special ring recital at the McLane Carrillon atop Pat Neff Hall. The program included hymns for each Armed Forces and a hymn of peace, “Da Pacem Domine.”

The 20 minute service reflected on the unity and respect for the ones who have served our country.

Senior lecturer Maxey Parrish reflects on his father Tom Parrish and father-in-law Bill Holland. They are two volunteer veterans who proudly served in the United States Navy in World War II. Parrish shared his appreciation for their heart of service.

“They were great men of integrity and could always be counted on to do the right things,” Parrish said. “A lot of that came from their military background. They volunteered to serve our country.”

Veterans Day is a time to honor the ones who sacrificed their lives for this country. Both American and Baylor stood united today for their patriotism.