Ninth annual Kappa Karnival to offer food, games, prizes

By Tyler Bui | Staff Writer

Every year, the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority hosts an all-university event, Kappa Karnival, where students and faculty indulge in a variety of classic carnival games, food trucks and face painting. The sorority’s ninth annual event will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday on Fountain Mall.

Kappa Karnival is free to the Baylor community, and the sorority expects around 200 to 400 people to attend during the three-hour event.

Boerne senior Savannah Cone, co-university events chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, said this is the ninth year Kappa has held the event, and that this year will be the sorority’s largest event.

“It’s a fun night where everyone across the university can come and hang out and just be silly and have some good time together,” Cone said. “We will have inflatables, food trucks and carnival games. A lot of the fraternities will set up booths— there will be a dunk tank booth, pie in the face, wheel of fortune… there’s face painting, a magician, cotton candy— all the things you’d imagine with a carnival.”

In addition to the carnival games, there will be raffle prizes from local Waco businesses.

“We’ll raffle prizes, which is a really fun part of it. You can get raffle tickets and get some prizes from businesses around Waco,” Cone said. “Andy’s is doing free sundaes for around 500 people, so you can come and make a [free] sundae.”

Cone said Kappa Karnival is a great way to bring the Baylor community together on campus and to meet new people.

“It’s really just to have a fun night as a university and to set aside affiliations and to come together, have fun and get to know each other better,” Cone said. “It’s really fun, it’s free and you get to play all these games, hang out with your friends and meet new people.”

Dallas junior Sydney Kilpatrick, co-university events chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma, said the event is an opportunity for Kappa to showcase themselves and what they work toward as an organization.

“The purpose of this event is to provide a fun opportunity for anyone in the Baylor community to come together, have a fun night and get to know a bit more about Kappa and what we’re about,” Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick said students should attend Kappa Karnival to take a break from the stress of school and meet new people around campus.

“It’s a great break… even if you come for 15 minutes, it’s a great stress reliever where you can take a break from school and studying, meet new people in your grade and other grades, and even professors and their families,” Kilpatrick said. “It’s going to be really fun.”

Cone said her favorite part about Kappa Karnival is the opportunity to relive fun childhood memories with her friends.

“I love how whimsical it is. We get to come as college kids and play on inflatables, get our faces painted and get balloons; and nobody thinks it’s weird,” Cone said. “In the past few years I’ve gone, it has just been so fun and wholesome— it’s a cool thing where we can come together, play for a few hours and be kids.”