Former Line Camp leaders give application interview advice

New students are put into groups, given a theme and three minutes to create an act that they’ll perform the last night of Line Camp — a tradition called Line Camp Sing where students build relationships and have fun, led by their Line Camp leader. Caleb Boren | Roundup Photographer

By Meredith Howard | Staff Writer

Applications have closed and interviews for freshman orientation and Line Camp leaders are currently underway. Many students are waiting to find out if they’ve been hired.

Colfax, Wash. junior Lauren Claassen, a former Line Camp leader, said she felt like Baylor New Student Programs doesn’t look for a specific type of person when deciding who to hire as Line Camp leaders, but that they do favor some qualities.

“One thing that NSP values a lot is authenticity and being who you are. They’re looking for a wide variety of people, so they’re not looking for someone who’s like the cookie-cutter camp person. I’m sure they have people like that, but they want the leaders to represent the Baylor student body, and that of course comes along with diverse people,” Claassen said. “Be as honest as you can about yourself. Don’t put on airs because you can tell when people aren’t acting like who they are.”

Claassen also said it’s important to show an appropriate level of vulnerability in the hiring process.

“Being willing to be vulnerable is something they value as well. Being vulnerable is an integral part of authentic community,” Claassen said. “Being able to reflect on your past experiences and say how that shaped you is really important in showing that you have the ability to grow and reflect on how you can improve things in your life.”

Claassen said she was inspired to become a leader through the positive experience she had as a camper.

“I immediately loved it; it’s definitely just like my type of thing. I have always loved traditions of schools and the school spirit type of things, so I knew that it was going to be super fun. My leader was so great,” Claassen said.

Chicago junior Niann Siriboon, former Line Camp leader, also said her time at camp as a freshman made her want to lead future Bears.

“It was the best experience I’ve ever had. It’s actually what made me feel like Baylor was my home, just because I didn’t know anyone coming into Baylor, especially because I’m so far away from home. When I came (to Line Camp), my roommate and I instantly became friends, and I have people from my group who are still my best friends today,” Siriboon said.

Baylor Line Camp is a four-day experience that is designed to help students “forge new friendships, connect with the rich history and tradition of your new home, and explore how Baylor’s distinct Christian mission will animate your story.” More information about Line Camp can be found at