What’s worse: TCU or their uniforms?

Cole Tompkins | Multimedia Editor

Homecoming is a time for joy and celebration in college football, alumni come back to campus bonfires are lit (ba dum tss) and good times are had. To celebrate this special time, many football teams will wear special uniforms.

Here at Baylor, the football team replaced the interlocking BU with the iconic sailor bear on the side of their helmets. Down the road in Austin, the Longhorns donned uniforms that resembled those worn by their 1969 national championship team, which makes sense as it honored their alumni.

TCU took a different approach to their homecoming uniforms, the Horned Frogs chose to unveil new uniforms, which isn’t unheard of for a homecoming game. The only thing I can really say is, TCU did it wrong. The uniforms they sported in their homecoming matchup against the University of Texas featured a grey on grey combo for the jersey and pants which when paired with the purple helmet would have looked pretty clean. TCU took a wrong turn when they added red accents to the combo. The helmets have a red face guard as well as a red outline around the horned frog. Of course, I can’t not mention the spikes around the collars of the jersey which just upped the weird factor even more.

Now, of course since I’m writing this, we’re going to end up wearing those awful all-yellow uniforms at some point and we’ll be thoroughly roasted by whatever team we’re playing that week. But for now, we get to poke fun at the uni’s donned by the Horned Frogs in their win over the Longhorns.

TCU, red isn’t your color. Go back to the normal purple and white.


Everyone unlucky enough to see the new uniforms.