Waco Haunted Houses attracts those looking for a scare

By Sarah Gill | Broadcast Reporter

With spooky season upon us, Baylor students have a hunger for a Halloween scare. Waco Haunted Houses is located off I-35 and has been perfecting their thrills for 30 years.

Michael Vinzant, outdoor manager and head of promotions, has been helping the haunted house ever since he was nine years old and is now approaching 34 years of age.

Vinzant explained that haunted houses are more like interactive theaters.

“You’re coming in and getting a show,” Vinzant said.

Haunted houses may seem like they are just trying to get a scream out of you, but Eric Vonmessenger, tech manager, explains there is a science behind it.

“You get a sense of how to better time your scares,” Vonmessenger said.

Just 20 minutes from the Baylor campus, Baylor theater students have even participated in the action for extra credit.

Waco Haunted Houses is open until November 2 from 8 p.m. to midnight and also on Friday the 13th in December.