Class of 1953 alumna goes viral at Baylor homecoming game

By Igor Stepczynski | Broadcast Reporter

The Baylor homecoming football game against Texas Tech had the entirety of McLane stadium at the edge of their seats from start to finish. However, some fans were out of their seat dancing until Baylor’s victory. One of those individuals is Baylor alumna Beverly Denny, who graduated in 1952.

Denny’s daughter, Anne Alaimo, recorded her mother grooving to the Baylor beat and uploaded it on Twitter. The video has now over 36,000 views on Twitter alone. With Baylor Facebook pages following suit, Denny has become a viral sensation among the Baylor community.

Denny said she just couldn’t help herself, as she was having a grand old time.

“I’m such a fan, and I always want us to win,” Denny said. “It couldn’t have been more exciting with two overtimes.”

Beverly Denny graduated from Baylor 66 years ago, but that doesn’t stop her from celebrating her alma mater like it was yesterday. She attends almost every football game and other events put on by Baylor. Beverly said that she takes pride in seeing what Baylor is today compared to what it was decades ago.

She remembers a completely different era of Baylor, where nobody wore shorts on campus and women could only wear pants upon granted “pants permission.” She witnessed the construction of Armstrong Browning library as a sophomore dorm resident in 1950 and is a trailblazer to one of Baylor students’ favorite tradition.

“I was a senior in 1953, and that was the year of the first Sing,” Denny said. “I actually sang in the first Sing.”

Although much has changed since her time as a Baylor student, she is never disappointed with Baylor’s progress and continuous commitment to providing a world-class community. She says she is especially thankful for Coach Rhule and the office held by the Livingstone’s.

“I am so happy to have lived to see Dr. Linda Livingstone as president. She is a blessing from God, both of them are,” Denny said.

Baylor is the place where lights shine bright, and Denny’s light continues to glow brighter and brighter. She says her secret to a long and fun life is Christian fellowship, an active lifestyle and a strong connection with her school.

“You know the famous words ‘have a care for Baylor, so I just think we all need to have a care for Baylor.”