On-campus employment opportunities present unique benefits

For those looking to make money during their time at Baylor, many can find employment through the Student Employment Office. Students can find their offices in Clifton Robinson Tower in Suite 200. Nathan De La Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

By Meredith Howard | Staff Writer

Many Baylor students choose to work part-time jobs in college, whether their reasons are to further their careers, to improve their time management skills or simply to pick up a regular paycheck.

Baylor’s Student Employment Office offers assistance connecting with internships, community service projects, fellowships and graduate assistantships, and “strives to serve students in the on-campus and off-campus employment opportunity process.”

All student employees interact with the employment office, even if it is just to fill out their preliminary hiring paperwork.

Oklahoma City senior Rachel Funk is the student manager of the Bill Daniel Student Center Ticket Office, and she said she’s had positive experiences working with the student employment office.

“They’ve been really helpful with everything. If we’ve had any issues any time that we’ve handled employing new people, they’ve always been really nice,” Funk said.

Funk has worked in her current position since January, and she has been employed at the ticket office since August 2018.

Funk said that on-campus employment can offer advantages that off-campus jobs may not, such as flexible scheduling.

“If there’s ever any problems with the scheduling and there’s a test the next day and I can’t work, our boss says, ‘Absolutely, school first.’ We very much work around school schedules, and that’s first,” Funk said.

Funk said another benefit she’s gained from working on campus is that it has helped her become more plugged into her community.

“I’ve gotten to know Baylor a lot better. I’ve gotten to go to events that I probably wouldn’t have normally gotten to, which has been really interesting. And I’ve really gotten to work with a lot of different students and alumni, and getting to see both sides of how operations works has helped me gain a new perspective,” Funk said.

Conroe senior Gage Hallbauer is an SI (Supplemental Instruction) Leader, and he said his campus job has helped him develop close relationships with professors. Another benefit Hallbauer appreciates is that his position complements his major.

“I’m premed, and so SI has let me see genetics over and over and over again, which was super helpful on the MCAT; I didn’t really have to study biology and genetics as much just cause I was exposed to it a lot more,” Hallbauer said.

More information about Baylor student job opportunities can be found on the Baylor website.