Library courtesy hours, 24/7

Hannah Holliday | Cartoonist

The library should be utilized for studying and quiet hours. There are designated areas of the library where it is appropriate to talk or study with friends. In no part of the library, however, should you be shouting or raising your voice.

Students go to the library primarily for the sole purpose of studying. It’s not a hangout spot, and it’s not somewhere you’re going to watch the football game. A lot of people can’t focus in their room or with noise, so they go to the quieter parts of the library. If there are large groups of people in these areas, clearly not doing homework or studying, it can become a distraction for the people trying to get their work done.

Moody has multiple different levels, descending in order of quietness. The top level is reserved for absolute silence, so under no circumstances would it be appropriate to be anything other than silent. As you descend, however, it becomes more respectful to talk and study out loud with friends, ultimately ending with the bottom level and the most chatty: Garden Level.

Choose your study spot according to your study intentions. If you and a group of friends want to study and get a little loud from time to time, make sure to sit somewhere designed to accommodate a group. The best destination for these study groups is the Garden Level of Moody.

If you’re wanting to be a little louder than normal, another spot could be on the first level of Moody by Starbucks. It’s already a little noisier in there, because of the Starbucks and because of people coming in and out.

As you head over to Jones Library, the rules of courtesy do not apply. Jones Library is very quiet, and it’s extremely obvious if you make any kind of noise whatsoever. It’s fine if you need noise to study, just be aware of what you need so you can avoid disrupting others.

Some of student organizations designate study hours for their members, and this can get out of hand when these members are in areas in the library that aren’t for big groups of people. There is nothing wrong with people meeting up in the library, but, again, courtesy is key. Knowing where in the library is appropriate for talking and laughing and sticking to that area will prevent people from getting upset or frustrated that they’re being distracted.

The library is for studying and doing homework. Know what environment works for you, and plan accordingly. Be respectful, and take care not to disrupt others.